Thursday, 12 March 2009

References = headache

This is one of my least favourite things; writing bibliographies at the end of essays and projects. Is is, by far, the most painstakingly irritating and infuriating task I have to perform in my life. Worse than paying car tax, filling up for £1.25/l of petrol, its even worse than talking to thick people in shops. (eeeeeeeeeeeuurrrrrrrrrrrr, I don no let me jus get man-i-dger)

Anyone who has had to do this before will know that everybody hates it. Its all the weird and pointless punctuations that get me. The stupid pinikity fullstops after commas after colons. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


I'll give you a little example:


Sinclair, J. M. Ed., 2000. Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus, second edition. Glasgow: HarperCollins Publishers.


This took me about 7 minutes to write. LITERALLY 7 minutes.


I hate it, if anyone knows of a better way, then please inform, it'll be much appreciated.

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