Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The next part of the journey

Ok, so the next part of the story continues. After writing the first part of my blog I went and got McDonalds, which was ok as usual, then I sat down by the nearest outlet because I was running out of power on my cell, laptop and iPod all at the same time. (Why do they all run out together?? always seems to happen!) and after1/2 hour a guy asks me if I had seen any other outlets nearby, and I pointed him to one I saw by a trash can not too far away. He came back 20mins later and sat down next to me, and we got chatting... turns out he was from Stuttgart in Germany... a very nice city. We chatted for like 5 whole hours, he was on his way to Haiti, which for those who don't know is part of a small island (I think connected to the Dominican republic) in the Caribbean. He opted out of doing National service in Germany when he was about 18 because the Government allowed him to do civil service instead, and as he was a carpenter they gave him an 18month post out in the Caribbean helping the locals build houses, stairs, cupboard etc. as the country isn't very rich and doesn't have a lot of skilled labour.
I learnt quite a few interesting things about the country, like because of the intermittent electricity supply everyone comes to church on Sundays and plugs their phones into the outlets during the service.
I then had a lovely 4 hour nap on the floor in my sleeping bag (complete with home-made pillow. THANKS CAITLIN!!! :D ) which was the second best night's sleep I've had so far in the US. I then woke up... had another McDonalds... YUM, then said goodbye to my German friend (who I found out was called Samuel) then proceeded to terminal 3. where I found the worst airport terminal in the world... no WiFi anywhere, boring shops, everything overpriced (example: bar of chocolate + snickers + coke = $8.56. What a joke!). Also people in this termnal were much uglier than the other terminals.

I checked in my luggage which fortunately for me I managed to get from 31kgs yesterday, down to 23kgs today (infact I was 1lb over but luckily she didn't mind) (she also forgot to give me my other boarding pass, and I had to go back and remind her to do her job properly. Silly woman)

Luckily I only had to wait one hour though :) Atlanta here I come...

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